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Psychedelic Kaleidoscopic Photography!

As a child I was fascinated by the magic of a toy kaleidoscope, every turn creating another amazing image.  I was never intelligent enough to work out how the images were created, and I imagine that was part of the “magic” of it all.

The usual subjects for my photography includes, nature, landscapes, music festivals, wildlife, and the odd “arty” type image but I’ve now added a different type of genre to my photography.

I recently purchased a Puluz light box, various LED fairy lights and a “Subtle Kaleidoscope Prism Lens Filter Creative effect” lens attachment which allows me for the first time to have fun creating images with the new equipment and then changing exposure and contrast levels to produce images which could be described as abstract with a vortex or deep space influence.   

Although I’m not really sure what genre, if any, they could be pigeon-holed in to but for me it's a way to lose myself within my photography and allows my mental health to become more mindful and calmer, as I experiment with no pre-conceived ideas of what I’m going to produce next which adds to the fun.  I’m not creating them to have a new range of images to sell at markets or fayres, as I doubt if anyone would see in them what I do and that is part of the joy of producing something incredibly unique and personal while re-experiencing the magic of the childhood kaleidoscope!

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