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Art House Art Fayre at Leeds Kirkgate Market.

ART HOUSE ART FAYRE (AHAF) Saturday 21st May 2022

The Art House Art Fayre (AHAF) event is free admission to the public. Art lovers can expect a diverse range of quality contemporary art and high quality craft on display from artists and crafters primarily from Leeds and Yorkshire. Some artists are new to the art scene, others are long established. Find artists (numbers vary) selling contemporary painting, photography, posters, prints, unique cards, textile art, ceramics, sculpture and more.

Paul Heaney is the inspiration and driving force behind this event and is well-known and respected in both the art and photography communties around Yorkshire and beyond. Having ran the Art House in Leeds Kirkgate Market Paul decided to offer artists and art lovers the opportunity to share and experience the tremendous amount of talented artists around West Yorkshire through the Art House Art Fayre.

I have attended the AHAF before and I am never disappointed just amazed at the talent of all the artists and their various mediums. The skill, quality and imagination of each artist can’t stop you from being impressed and encouraged to become more involved with art, either as an interested observer, taking up a new hobby or reigniting a former passion.

The event includes artists and visitors of all ages and the artists on my visit included a former professional rugby league player and an ex civil engineer! The one thing that seperates this art fayre from others is the warm welcoming “feel” it has and the opportunity to talk with the artists involved and get the background to their art and how they became involved and reached the level they are now at. Artists at this fayre included Karl Simpson, Sullivan Alenezi, Anjana Dey Clark, Leanne Rose Bell, Leo Dis Vinci and Helen Casey.

For more details about the Art House Art Fayres and how to book a stall, please contact or on 0796 1936 511.

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