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Inspired by BBC Autumnwatch

I love watching nature programmes of all types but especially the ones like BBC Autumnwatch, which is so informative and descibes things in plain language and makes it easy to understand, last nights information on bats and how they suspend themselves was something I'd never really thought about and found it a real eyeopener. The one thing with nature, which we humans could take notice from is the lack of being judgemental. A bird will nest on a palace roof, a block of highrise flats, a council house or a derelict building it makes no difference as long as its warm and safe for raising its young, A wildflower often classed as a weed will grow whever the seed falls, on a multi-millionaires prized rose garden, at the side of a busy road or even in your guttering, wherever it can obtain sun and water will be chosen irrrespective of the location. A few pictures to celebrate nature.

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